About Us​

Innovating the Future of Tactical Gear

In close collaboration with armed forces, we custom make tactical gear, textiles and support systems that enables the user to operate seamlessly and better protected. With a user-centred design process and endless production opportunities we enhance both performance and comfort for boots on the ground. We combine the best minds in tactical gear with combat expertise; we’re not just a product provider, we’re a clear- sighted partner.

The Product You Need. Not Just Something We Found Off-The-Shelf.

Product Categories

1. Carrying systems, Boxes, Crates and Cases, 2. Tents and Sleeping Bags, 3. Uniform additions, and 4. Accessories.

Market Segments

1. Armed forces, Military, 2. Non-military, uniformed organizations, 3. Defence contractors, and 4. Third-party sources.

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